Mark St john is the producer of my album I love Today. And he knows how to mike up a guitar, a singer, a room.. That is essential for the sound. A mike can make the difference and the position, the angle, the type, the quality, the age.. every detail is important. Check him out in this video giving it all away. We have a exclusive inside view of a recording session with him. And he doesn't give away often his secretly guarded recording techniques.. No producer does... stuff they learnt the hard way, in the wings of the big records... Introducing Mark St John!


Patti, elle etait sur toutes les platines en 75. Avec l album 'Horses'. Toutes les filles se retrouvaient dans ce personnage. Enfin, une rockeuse femme. En 77 elle nous sort ce titre de Bruce Springsteen et c est le succès. Moi, j avais rencontré Lenny Kaye, son guitariste, qui joue encore avec elle depuis ses débuts, lors du festival punk du Palais des Glaces à Paris,. Il était devant la scène, et je me rappelle avoir joué pour lui. Un mec assez génial qui avait une grosse culture musicale. C est lui qui a fait la compilation Nuggets, compilation de titres garages des années soixante, qui nous a tous inspiré. Il nous a fait découvrir des titres oubliés, des titres des 60s, qui auraient pu ê


j ai vu les Flamin Groovies, un groupe de rock de San Francisco, en 76 à Aix en Provence. Les Groovies sont un groupe qui a démarré dans les années 60s et qui on toujours joué du rock and roll, même si avec Chris Wilson dans les années 70, ils sont devenus plus pop. Ce soir là, ils jouaient dans un amphi de la fac. Ma sœur et moi y sommes allés. En première partie il y avait les Gorillas, groupe anglais, de pub rock, qui effectivement ressemblaient à des gorilles. Ils avaient des pattes énormes sur le visage. de l énergie mais sans plus.. Ensuite, les Flamin Groovies sont arrivés. En costard et sonnaient parfaitement sixties. Je n avais jamais vu un truc pareil. J en avais rêvé et là, j avai


J ai vu les Damned, un groupe de punk rock, londonien et un des premiers qui signera sur un label, quelques jours âpres mon arrivée à Londres. A l époque j avais les cheveux longs et la barbe. J étais un amateur de musique progressive. C est Stewart Copeland, qui deviendra le leader et batteur de police, qui m y a amené. Il voulait me montrer ce qui se passait à Londres. On est allé au Roxy. Le Roxy était le club punk rock par excellence. en plein Covent Garden. On y passait que ce genre de groupe et il était tenu par Andy Czesowski. Tous les groupes y ont joué. Le club n a tenu que 100 jours, des la fin 1976 et il a fermé le 23 avril 77. Et le dj c était Don Letts!!! Un dj, vidéaste et au


I quickly went back to Chris Musto. We had the Flying Padovanis, at least that! That band was a family to which I would hang myself back. The family, always there. Chris had felt he was a Padovani and so did I. Paul Slack was struggling with his divorce, but with Chris we thought we could always go back and start all over again. When Paul had dropped out, Chris and I had gone to join Kim Wilde. And we did record and most of all had put together a band to do her European promotion. She was having hits all over Europe. Playing with her would bring in money, quite a lot of money. And, we would travel a lot. We were doing playbacks on View from a Bridge or Cambodia. She was the daughter of Marty


Tom Verlaine du groupe americain Television. Voilà bien un des meilleurs guitaristes que j ai vu sur une scène. Je l ai vu avec son groupe Télévision au Music Machine, ce grand club sur 3 niveaux, situé à Camden Town, à Londres. Marquee Moon, leur single, passait sur quelques radios. Les journaux en parlait et Television est venu comme tous ces groupes américains qui venait se montrer en Angleterre. Je l ai revu il y a quelques années avec Patti Smith, un soir, je crois que c était à l Olympia. Le concert était pas mal mais j entendais une guitare en plus de Lenny Kaye, le guitariste habituel de Patti Smith. Je ne le voyais pas. Apres le concert, je suis allé diner à Belleville avec Lenny Ka


Lightnin Hopkins . People often ask me who is my favorite guitar player. Well, it s difficult. Lots of people are just so great. So many people have had an influence on me. Not so much on the playing, because most of the time, you don't come near anything of the way they play. But attitude. And, as far as attitude goes, I must say that I do love blues players, I do have a soft spot for the T.Bone Walker , the John Lee Hooker and the Lightnin Hopkins of this world. A guy like Lightnin Hopkins made people dance and definitely entertained people, with his stories and his playing. Class act! I do listen to him a lot and since i have decided to play a lot of solo gigs, i do sometimes try to get i


On Sunday 23rd January, after we’d been rehearsing for just ten days, Stewart invited us over to his flat so that we could take some photos on the roof with one of his mates, Lawrence Impey. It was a beautiful day, but I had a major toothache and a massive hangover. But it had to be done. We’d dressed up for the occasion. Stewart tried a number of different poses: with his guitar, a gun, a police hat, all sorts of things. Sting had on his grey pinstriped jacket. And me, I had toothache. I was pulling a hell of a face but the session went well and I looked OK. We carried on rehearsing and, three weeks later, we were ready to record. At the time, the best tracks, or rather the ones most suita


Now, we were ready to record a third album and we had chosen to do it with David Cunningham. David was a small guy, crazy, obsessed with sound and electronics, experimentation and that fitted us like a glove. David is the guy who put together the Flying Lizards, who got noticed with an incredible cover of Money that had been a huge hit in England. Once it was released, our third album received good reviews – the English press compared it to David Bowie’s Low and Iggy Pop’s Lust for Life, and acclaimed it as one of the first “psychadelic new wave” albums. I was feeling really good in the Electric Chairs and Wayne definitely trusted me. I was writing more and more. I had organised a room, on t

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