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Corsican Gumbo

Live in Fericy

I love today

A croire que cétait

pour la vie

Three for trouble

Live at the 100 club


Font l'enfer


I love today


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All titles produced and mixed by Mark St. John at The Smokehouse Studios and 811 Studios.                                             

Executive Producer – Paul Madden                                                   

Original Cover Art – Jef Aerosol, created from the photograph by Maho          Final Mastering – Gwyn Mathias

I LOVE TODAY. That  is the title of the my last solo album. It came out on september 2, 2016. 

It was about time as well. I agree. But, we took the time a good album has to take.

It was recorded, all in analog, as we wanted it. We recorded 2 songs at 811 studios, in Horsham. Analog also, of course. Mark St John played drums, and engineered (!!), Dick Taylor played bass, Samuel Brothers electric guitar and i played acoustic and sung.  The other tracks were recorded at the Smoke House studios in london. The Smoke house is an analog studio that has just the right atmosphere for what we wanted to do.

Produced by Mark St John, the concept was to capture the performance of a an intimate acoustic show, like the kind of stuff i ve been doing lately......

It does feature some new songs, in french, in english as well as some of my favorite covers. Whoever came to the shows i ve been doing lately, will reckognize the stuff on the record.

Blues is the vibe. So, some of the songs could just be as in live, guitar and vocals, recorded live and as a performance. If the vibe wasn't there, we d redo the whole song. That s analog for you!

Also, some friends came, harp, slide guitar, hammond, drums, but as if we were in the front room of my house, cool and warm.. felt like we were by the fireplace, a glass of fine wine in our hands..

Jef Aerosol did the cover. What a cover!  He is the man, the main man!

Repertoire records is the label for the E.U. They are family. Too.

I m really pleased with it. That the sort of record i listen to.

photo by Maho

/ download album for €10.

check videos of the making of the album
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