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I remember, at the time of The Electric Chairs, Siouxsie and the Banshees. Siouxsie was a high priestess, very beautiful, always well dressed – the best dressed of any of them – naturally elegant, intelligent. She and Wayne were accomplices. They’d go off to the ladies toilets together! Siouxsie would support Wayne. Our bands became friends and we’d hang out at the same parties. We met during the filming of the film Jubilee, in which Wayne had a part. Wayne had met Adam Ant, who had the starring role alongside Jordan (another punk high-priestess), and they had introduced him to Derek Jarman, the director. Wayne got the role of a transvestite rock star called Lounge Lizard, who got herself murdered by a gang of punkettes, played by Jordan and Toyah amongst others.

One of our numbers, Paranoia Paradise, appeared on the original film soundtrack.

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