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Corsican Gumbo. the 2022 new album is ready ! 

All you have to do to get it is to subscribe to my site. and i ll send it to you via we transfer, for free, of course!!!J

Tout ce que vous devez faire, c'est vous inscrire sur mon site. et je vous l envoie par we transfer, gratuit bien bien sur!

GUMBO (2).jpg

Recorded in my studio in Corsica during the crazy times of pandemic and confinement, Corsican Gumbo is ready to go and to listened to. As you may have read somewhere, just subscribe to my site, and you will receive it, for free!

Watch this space for more!

Live in Féricy. the 2019 live album is 

available. just 100 limited edition !

Recorded live in Fericy on November 17, 2018 by Pierre Sampagnay.

mix, mastering done by Henry Padovani, under the friendly guidance of Gwynn Mathias.


Live in Fericy. But, what a great evening! All simple but full. And Pierre, who was doing the sound, had the great idea of recording it. The idea was simply to keep a memory of it and so, he just plugged on the back of the mixing desk a recorder. Something he had handy, an mp3.

But what a great idea! All simple but genius. Because not only we have a souvenir but because the good intentions are always the ones that count and with very simple ideas, put one after another, we build a lovely world. And since the good live albums are the ones that reflect best a good atmosphere, I m thinking to myself that we too could put out a ' Live in Fericy', without being ashamed of it.

what you get is a real live album, no frills, just as it was, acoustic, a good vibe, 17 tracks, including some new and unreleased songs, an acoustic version of Next to you, a niffty blues instrumental, and even Opera!! 


Sure, an Mp3, just like that, on the back of a mixer, is not what you would normally do. But, Us, we do as we feel, and nothing says that with a mobile studio costing 30 millions and a crowd of operators, we would have done better. Just like the evening, all simple, but with a big heart.

1-I love today  2- Nature Boy  3-Le temps  4- Hideaway  5- Lean love   6-Jealous guy  7-Tu reviendras  8- Baby please don't go  9- Welcome home  10- Celui qui s en va  11- Play with fire  12- Pate à modeler 13 - Nessun dorma  14- I won't back down  15- Y a plus d'saisons  16- Next to you  17-  Rien de rien 

100 cds limited edition
just for fun, just for friends!
Order here!

i love today. the 2016 solo record is

available. just order it here !

All titles produced and mixed by Mark St. John at The Smokehouse Studios and 811 Studios.                                             

Executive Producer – Paul Madden                                                   

Original Cover Art – Jef Aerosol, created from the photograph by Maho          Final Mastering – Gwyn Mathias

I LOVE TODAY. That  is the title of my last solo album. It came out on september 2, 2016. 

It was about time as well. I agree. But, we took the time a good album has to take.

It was recorded, all in analog, as we wanted it. We recorded 2 songs at 811 studios, in Horsham. Analog also, of course. Mark St John played drums, and engineered (!!), Dick Taylor played bass, Samuel Brothers electric guitar and i played acoustic and sung.  The other tracks were recorded at the Smoke House studios in london. The Smoke house is an analog studio that has just the right atmosphere for what we wanted to do.

Produced by Mark St John, the concept was to capture the performance of a an intimate acoustic show, like the kind of stuff i ve been doing lately......

1-I love today  2- Give me love  3-Lean love  4-Long long long

5- Into my arms 6-Skeleton blues 7-Nature boy 8-Brother sister preacher  9-Rien de rien 10-Play with fire 11-Jealous guy 12-Le temps 12-Ne me quitte pas

ROCK'N'ROLL...OF CORSE! the movie...


Henry Padovani and Friends:

Sting & Stewart Copeland (The Police), Topper Headon (The Clash), Glen Matlock (The Sex Pistols), Jean-Jacques Burnel

(The Stranglers), Kim Wilde, Manu Katché, Chris Musto & Paul Slack ( The Flying Padovanis), Little Bob Story...


Directed By

Lionel Guedj Stéphane Bébert

if you like the movie, get the book that inpired it !

or get the DVD !

SECRET POLICE MAN available as

AUDIO book or E book

listen to 11 hours of exclusive reading by Henry Padovani as an audio book on your ipod or on your computer.... or read it on your tablet, or computer as a pdf or ebook, the choice is yours.

great rock and roll stories, in french or in english and lots of photographs..

photos, videos , the police, wayne county and the electric chairs, the flying padovanis, it s on GALLERY

acoustic, electric, solo or

with friends.. or with the movie..? Henry has got to be playing somewhere near you... check where

on TOUR 

3 cups


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Henry's news. read the rock'n'roll stories you like and keep up to date..

Now, we were ready to record a third album and we had chosen to do it with David Cunningham. David was a small guy, crazy, obsessed with sound and electronics, experimentation and that fitted us like a glove. David is the guy who put together the Flying Lizards, who got noticed with an incredible ...;;;


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