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Dears Friends,

You know it, i am someone terribly free, independent, and i bought that freedom a long time ago.

I haven't given much news lately.. well probably for the last 2 years.. but many things happened. I moved back to Corsica and that was in October 2019. Corsica is the place where i was born. I went back to my village. Great idea!! Then, as i was settling there, the pandemic started and I was working on making my place livable, in the meantime staying at my sister by the sea. Winter came and we were all confined and stuck at home. While i was there, ark St John, my manager told me that Phil May passed away. An accident. We had been in the studio with him the previous 6 months in London, Dick Taylor, Sam Brothers and I making an acoustic album and planning a tour, the following fall... argh... R.I.P, dearest Phil.. I managed to finish my house and even building a recording studio and i moved in there in June. Nothing happens in one day. Took about 9 months between an idea and its realization.

Well, June, you talking summer and summer in Corsica is sun, sea, partying, friends and family. On top of it, my daughter Fedora was pregnant and gave birth late august. Obviously our world was upside down and full of joy. Not much time to come here on the site, or even on social networks. I guess the last time i posted a message on facebook or whatever else was in September when i did some gigs in France. That was it. Some complained and then, couldn't give a damn and left me alone.

And then Christmas, at home with the family, my brother Patrick and his children and my sister Babeth, winter came, and then the pandemic again. I was fine as nothing affects the lonely life we live in places like Corsica, in the winter. And then, the horror, as my brother Patrick caught the virus, spent a month in reanimation, but did not make it. April 16th! He passed away. My older brother. Our foundation. My hero. And somehow, we carry on. Nothing will ever be the same.

But, all this meanwhile, i have been very busy. I have been recording a new album. I did stop working in the studio during march, april and may.. but i kept working in fields, like a real countryman. I still do and it fills my days. It keeps me alive. I m very happy about that. The other days, i went back in the studio to listen.. i somehow managed to have about 15 songs recorded. So, easily an album. I have a lot more songs but i m talking finished ones. And out of 15, 10 are usually what you chose to publish. Producing is another kind of work, especially when you produce your own songs. And, as i always say, it s not the how, it is definitely the why that matters. Recording, piling tracks, we can all do that, but in which direction and why, that is another kind of brain work. And, in that context, 10 is probably arrogant, but you wouldn't call an album something that wouldn't have at least 10 songs...

I have decided that i should give those songs for you to listen. No buying, just presents. You guys have been good and i think that these days, and generally, as a life code, if you want to receive anything you should give first. That has always been my philosophy and i should put it in action. I am reworking the site, i will organize it so that you that are already subscribed should get the songs and if people want to come here and subscribe, they will get the same benefits.

Later, i will have the album manufactured, either through a record label or directly by myself, and eventually sell it, for those who will want to have a physical piece of product. But frankly, i do not have the energy to think about some profiting strategy right now. I d rather give away. I will still sell stuff if you want to order on the site, t shirts, old albums etc, there is a stock and if i can, i will.

So, if you are ready to get a wave file for your computer or phone or whatever, you ll get it and i hope that you will enjoy it. In fact, whether you want it or not, you ll get it since you have already subscribed!! Ahaha

Love you



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