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Le Bataclan

'God is not great'. Sting sent me this mail on the 14th of November 2015. The day before, the 13th of November 2015, i was supposed to meet my son, Aliosha, to go to Le Bataclan and see the Eagles of Death Metal. I had seen them on tv and they sounded great. An opportunity to spend the evening with my son, sharing this passion that we both have for Rock'n'roll. He s been raised on Music.

But, somehow, that evening, i decided to stay home, in the country. I felt lazy, and it was cold. I was founding myself reasons for now to go, and as it was getting close to gig time, i called him and told him i would not come to paris that evening. I couldn't be bothered, but should he go, lots of friends were going...

When the news of the killing broke all over tv, my first call was for my son. I feared he might have gone, anyway, without me. He answered. He was at a dinner, with some friends, unaware of the horror that took place at Le Bataclan and all over Paris. Thank God!

I had told Sting that i was supposed to go with my son. We often talked about this since. Him and i talk about life, all the time. He knows how close my son and I came to maybe being some of the tragic statistics of that terrible attack, just one short phone call away… I was very, very lucky…

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