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On Sunday 23rd January, after we’d been rehearsing for just ten days, Stewart invited us over to his flat so that we could take some photos on the roof with one of his mates, Lawrence Impey. It was a beautiful day, but I had a major toothache and a massive hangover. But it had to be done.

We’d dressed up for the occasion. Stewart tried a number of different poses: with his guitar, a gun, a police hat, all sorts of things. Sting had on his grey pinstriped jacket. And me, I had toothache. I was pulling a hell of a face but the session went well and I looked OK.

We carried on rehearsing and, three weeks later, we were ready to record. At the time, the best tracks, or rather the ones most suitable for the punk scene that we were hoping to break into, were Fall Out and Nothing Achieving. Paul Mulligan lent us some money and we had booked a session at Bazza’s 8-track studio at Pathway Recording Studios. Bazza was a guy with long frizzy hair and looked like a hippy. The studio was small but with a good playing room, just large enough to fit in the drum kit.