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An anecdote comes back to mind. As REM were participating at the Torhout Wechter Belgium festival, I went to see them with the Daimler. The car was going so smoothly and so nicely that I found myself driving to the show with Mike Mills, Bill Berry - he was an old car fanatic - and their manager at the time, Jefferson Holt. Much better than the tour bus!

The next day, I remember that Michael Stipe solemnly announced to me that the day he managed to simulate the sound of a whale with his voice, he would quit singing. Well, I personally think that he got very close and thank God he is never satisfied, otherwise…

I did understand what REM was all about, when I saw them in a small concert in Norway in 1984. I got it all that very day and it still is one of the best musical moments of my life. I am very proud to have participated in the adventure when punk rock became alternative rock. What an impact.

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