April 15, 2016


Lightnin Hopkins . People often ask me who is my favorite guitar player. Well, it s difficult. Lots of people are just so great. So many people have had an influence on me. Not so much on the playing, because most of the time, you don't come near anything of the way they play. But attitude. And, as far as attitude goes, I must say that I do love blues players, I do have a soft spot for the T.Bone Walker , the John Lee Hooker and the Lightnin Hopkins of this world. A guy like Lightnin Hopkins made people dance and definitely entertained people, with his stories and his playing. Class act! I do listen to him a lot and since i have decided to play a lot of solo gigs, i do sometimes try to get into his personnage and as i go on stage, i easily imagine myself like a Ligthnin Hopkins, having to give a good night for the public's money, make them drink, enjoy themselves. Now and then i do play a song of his or in his style. Attitude. He is so dignified. At the end of the day, i doesn't matter where you play and how many people are there to listen to you. As long as they came to listen to you.  I d rather have 10 people that came for me than 100 that are just there by accident.  That i learnt from people like that. Attitude.

Check him play on these videos.




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